When your business needs power in its telecommunications system, BounceTel starts looking for it at Verizon Communications, Inc.

Verizon Wireless has America’s most reliable 100% fiber optic wireless network, and Ideal Solutions Provider is proud to have them as one of our preferred partners in helping find the right telecom system for our own clients.

Verizon’s business bundle has powerful features for your on-site storage, VOiP (Voice Over internet Protocol) telephone services, call management tools, cable services, cloud computing, and site security.

Verizon’s FiOS business bundle now includes SpeedMatch™, delivering upload speeds that are just as fast as download speeds. SpeedMatch™ delivers what you need, from 25/25 Mpbs up to 500/500 Mpbs,  over the nation’s only 100% fiber optic network. Fiber optics carries data faster than cable, DSL, T1 or T3. This makes a big difference when you want to join teleconferences or share large files with images, audio, or video.

Verizon offers New Subscriber specials, too, so it’s easy and affordable to get started!

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